Minutes of Captains Meeting of IUAA T&F 2002-2003


Date: 26th April 2003


Venue: Dangan, Galway.


In attendance:

David Hamley (UCC), Niamh Cummins (UCC),

Diane Cashman (CIT),

Aideen Farrell (IT Carlow), Robert O’ Rourke (IT Carlow),

Paul Howard (TCD),

Gavin McBride (QUB), Paul Lynas (QUB),

Ross Alexander (WIT), Paul Butler (WIT),

Noel Lawlor (AIT), Gordon Kennedy (AIT),

Fiona Reid (UL), Michael O’ Shea (UL), Maria Sheehan (UL),

Aidan Walsh (NUIG), Dermot Neylon (NUIG), Tony Regan (NUIG)

Aoife Murray (UCD), Shane Gordon (UCD),

Jennifer McKenna (DCU), Gary Park (DCU), Damo (DCU).


Stephen Lipson (SL), Eric Brady (EB), Michael Hillery (MH), Cyril Smyth (CS), Cyril White (CW), Ian O’ Neill (ION), Ian O’ Sullivan (IOS), Noel Pollock (NP), Lesely O’ Connor (LOC), (IUAA)



The meeting was called to order and SL invited comments from the floor on the championships and the run up to the championships. A TCD delegate asked that in future athletes from universities be separated in heats if possible and also queried the method of lane assignment. SL pointed out that IAAF regulations were followed in determining lane allocation and that the failure to separate athletes in some races was an oversight.


Damo from DCU queried the apparent absence of an events committee. SL on behalf of the IUAA executive admitted that an events committee should have been in place and apologised for its absence.


David Hanley (UCC) commented upon the holding of the Pole Vault competition in Tullamore, stating that this venue in particular posed particular problems for Cork Colleges who had multi eventers doubling up. He felt that more notice should have been given to colleges. EB pointed out that the Pole Vault issue was discussed in detail at the XC captains meeting with the following options offered to colleges


(a)    Not to hold a PV competition

(b)   Hold a PV competition in St Jarlaiths College, Tuam or at the Tullamore Harriers Stadium.


With the onus being placed upon team captains to contact the IUAA with their preference. WIT delegates pointed out that colleges received plenty of notice that the competition was to be held in Tullamore and that it was then up to colleges to make a team decision on whether or not to compete


EB pointed out that errors on the part of the electronic timing company contributed to time table delays


SL announced that the date for the Antrim Triangular meet was set as Tuesday June 10th at 6pm. The cost for the trip was to be €25.




Noel Lawlor (AIT) commented that the weekend had been very successful and thanked the executive and organising committee.


Delegates from UCD suggested that in future the Indoor championships should be held some time in the Spring as opposed to December. SL said that he expected that within the next two years the championships would switch to a January/February date depending upon the AAI calendar.


QUB had a number of comments to make under the following headings

(a)    Timing: The quality of the electronic timing service was below par.

(b)   Sprints Fiasco (the ladies event in particular): SL commented that this was as a result of a mistake on the part of the IUAA executive

(c)    The missing finish sheet for the mens 800m.

(d)   The possibility of having medal presentations: SL commented that medal presentations were not possible due to a shortage of officials. NUIG added to this by informing the floor that many Galway based athletics officials were in Dublin at a preparation meeting for the Special Olympics. EB pointed out that colleges should provide two officials for the duration of the championships and because this did not seem to be the case there was a severe lack of manpower. IOS pointed out that the method of assigning colleges to events had worked at previous meets. ION suggested that official lists should be handed out with numbers in future.

(e)    Minimum distance before measurement in the throwing events. ION pointed out that this practice would not encourage athletes to take part and help with officiating


CIT delegates queried the lack of information packs and the price of the meal tickets stating that the meal price was very high compared to last year. NUIG commented that the price was as a result of the change in date for the championships as the original hotel wasn’t available on the new date. Paul Lynas (QUB) suggested capping the meal ticket price and EB commented that Colleges had decided at a previous AGM that a meal should be provided and that a cap on the price of this meal may limit the organisational abilities of the host college. Paul Butler (WIT) commented that generally athletes have to pay for the meal themselves and that at the end of the day it is their decision as to whether or not they want to go to the meal  Gary Park (DCU) queried the need for an information pack seeing as all information was available online.



Minutes compiled by Ian O’Sullivan (IUAA)