Minutes of the Captains meeting held in Cork Institute of Technology on the afternoon of Saturday 20th April 2002 at the IUAA Track & Field Championships hosted by Cork Institute of Technology.


In attendance:

Mr. Eric Brady (EB), Prof. Cyril Smyth (CS), Mr. Stephen Lipson (SL), Prof. Cyril White (CW), Prof. Micheal Hillery (MH) and Mr. Noel Pollock (NP).


Geroid O’Conner (IT Tallaght)

Tony Lilly, Paddy O’Gorman, Diane Cashman (CIT)

Jackie Mulhall (DCU)

Shane Gardiner, Avril Dillon (NUI Dublin)

Ross Alexander, Paul Butler (WIT)

Ellen Murphy, Robbie Foley (NUI Cork)

John Cunniffe, Lesley O’Connor (TCD)

Andrew Dunwoody, Gavin McBride, Paul Lynus (QUB)

Dermot Smith, Rosie Daniel (UL)

Alan O’Leary, John Toner (NUI Galway)


1. T&F 2002 - Comments

EB calls the meeting to order, welcomes everyone and asks the floor for feedback on the championships. Shane Gardner queries if electronic blocks would have prevented some of the problems with false starts and suggested that they should be used in future championship. CS stated that there were pros and cons with electronic blocks and that they can cause as well as prevent false starts. Lesley O’Connor queried the absence of first aid on the Saturday. CIT stated that it hadn’t turned up despite having being booked and it was outside their control. Geroid O’Conner queried the extra lap in the 5km. CS stated that it was unfortunate. Geroid O’Connor then queried the situation in relation to NUI Dublin athletes guesting. EB said that it was up to a college as to how its athletes were selected. CW reminded everyone that we need officials. Paul Butler suggested a training day. EB said that it was a good idea but that there were few people coming forward and that the sort of people we needed were permanent staff within colleges. The IUAA is open to help train people. EB then thanks CIT for the excellent championships.


2. WSG Cross Country 2002

EB informed the meeting that a men’s and women’s team had competed. He said that there had been problems with injuries and arranging flights at the last minute. EB also pointed out that the teams were coordinated by CUSAI and not the IUAA. MH pointed out that the athletes were competing for Ireland and not CUASI.


3. Antrim 18th June 2002

Selection is based on mainly on the T&F with the winners being automatically selected. The second place was at the IUAA’s discretion. SL stated that teams would be posted shortly on the IUAA website and that athletes should confirm their availability.


4. Future Event Dates

AGM: EB stated that the constitution was up for review and encouraged people to come. He said that membership fees would also be up for review. SL said that the meeting would either be in DIT or NUI Dublin.

Road Relays: 16th November 2002 was provisionally agreed subject to agreement with NUI Maynooth.

Indoors: SL informed the meeting that a date in late January was a possibility and that the IUAA would try and come to the AGM with a choice of two dates for members to vote on. It was agreed that both proposed dates would cause problems with exams.


5. Online Entries

SL asked that if anyone had any feedback that he was more than willing to listen.


6. AOB

CIT thank the sports officers, IUAA, Grounds keepers, Sponsors and the Athletes.