Minutes of Captains Meeting of IUAA Track and Field 2000-2001


Date: 21th April 2001


Venue: Morton Stadium, Santry



Eric Brady                    President

Cyril Smyth                  Immediate Past President

Siobhán O’Keeffe        Vice President

Stephen Lipson             Vice President

Keir Mc Namara          Secretary

Noel Pollock                Treasurer

Ian Morrison                Executive Committee



Paul Lynas                    QUB                Mark Hamilton UL

Tony Collins                 UCD                Liz Egan                       UL

Fionnghuala Geraghty   UCG                Mary Stapleton TCD   

Paddy Cassidy             TCD                Joe Rafferty                  TCD                           

Ross Alexander            WIT                 Aubrey Storey              TCD               

Paul Buttler                   WIT                 Siobhan O’Connor       RCSI              

Tony Lilley                   CIT                  Padraig Ó Dubhgán      CIT                 

Paddy Gorman             CIT



1.      Review/feedback of T&F 2001

2.      Antrim International

3.      World Student Games

4.      A.O.B.


1.      Review/feedback of T&F 2001:

Stephen Lipson, on behalf of the organising committee of the T&F 2001 thanked all who attended, competed and helped out at the event. He apologised for problems on Friday due to timing, and also with the check-in, which had been a very difficult problem on the Friday.


Fionnghuala Geraghty (UCG) thanked the organising committee for hosting the event, a sentiment which was unanimously backed by those present.


The delegates from WIT complained that the registration and check-in procedures had led to much confusion, especially at the start of the weekend. Mark Hamilton (UL) said that there had been discrepancies in the application of the rules of these procedures, with sheets not been available for athletes to check-in, and some athletes being allowed into events after check-in closing for some of the events. Stephen Lipson replied that the system wasn’t perfect and will have to be reviewed. Comments were sought on the online entry system, which was declared better than the version available at the indoors. Fionnghuala Geraghty said however, that the option of regular (paper) entries should be kept.


Tony Collins (UCD) asked what was behind the substitute rule. Eric Brady (President, IUAA) told him that there had been a difference of opinion as to the interpretation of the rules regarding substitutes, and that this and all other problems would be reviewed this summer. He said that it would be a good idea for all members to familiarise them selves with the rules and constitution of both the IAAF and IUAA.


Eric Brady formally thanked and congratulated Trinity College Dublin Harriers for organising and hosting the event. Stephen Lipson thanked a number of individuals who helped him with the event.


Siobhán O’Keeffe asked that whoever was hosting next years event should state who the track and field referee is, as this hadn’t been done over the weekend, and had led to problems.


A letter from Niall Linden (Co-Chairperson; DUHAC Organising Committee) was read out by Joe Rafferty (Officials Co-Ordinator: DUHAC Organising Committee), in which he detailed a number of thoughts and complaints he had over events of the weekend. Eric Brady dealt briefly with the letter stating that it contained a number of discrepancies and mistruths. His main point relating to the letter was that when rules needed to be interpreted due to unforeseen circumstances, it was to the duty of the IUAA executive and no other body or individual to do this.


Paul Buttler (WIT) stated that when rule changes are to being made, all captains should be consulted.



2. Antrim International

There had been a query at the cross-country as to whether this event would still take place on the 19th June. Eric Brady stated that foot and mouth permitting, the event would go ahead. The winner of each event was automatically selected (except for the relays) and that the 2nd team place for each event on the program was at the discretion of the team management. He said that at the moment the event would go ahead, and preparations would be made for this. If there were any problems, that the athletes would be informed.


3. World Student Games

Eric Brady informed those in attendance that Lucy Moore had been replaced by Patsy McGonagle as team manager and that the standards were on the IUAA webpage. He asked that if an athlete was known to be near the standard, they should make themselves known to Patsy.


4. A.O.B.

There was no other business.


Minutes Compiled by Keir McNamara, Hon Sec IUAA