Minutes of the Captains meeting held in the University of Limerick on the afternoon of Saturday 15th April 2000 at the IUAA Track & Field Championships hosted by the University of Limerick.

In attendance:
Mr. Eric Brady (EB), Prof. Cyril Smyth (CS), Ms Siobhan O’Keeffe (SOK), Mr Keir McNamara (KMcN) Mr. Stephen Lipson (SL), Mr. Ian O’Sullivan (IOS), Dr. Iain Morrisson (IM), Prof. Cyril White (CW), Prof. Micheal Hillery (MH), Ms. Catherine Carroll (CC) and Mr. Noel Pollock (NP).

Gordan Kennedy and Noel Lawlor. (AIT)
John Stacey. (UL)
Brian O’Donoghue and Sylvia Lennon. (UCD)
Muriel Cummins, Tanya Strevens, Joe Rafferty and Niall Linden. (TCD)
Jackie Mulhall and George Hughes (DCU)
Ross Alexander and Paul Buttler. (WIT)
Frank Lyons (RCSI)
Mary Brady.

EB calls the meeting to order, welcomes everyone and asks the floor for feedback on the championships.

1. Outdoor Track & Field 14th/15th April 2000, University of Limerick.

At this point Mr Joe Rafferty stated that the championships should have been run to a much higher standard and that a lot of the problems that arose were as a result of entries having to be in six weeks prior to the championships. Mr Brian O’Donoghue commented that the points updates had been non existent, that there had been a long delay on results and that there should be more emphases on the presentation of medals. Ms Tanya Strevens commented on the mix up with the numbers and explained that not all the numbers she had been given matched the numbers in the program. On this point Mr Joe Rafferty added that substitution forms hadn’t been processed. At this point MH responded on behalf of UL and explained that the numbers check-in hadn’t worked very well on the day and that being strict on the check-in rules had lead to a lot of problems, some of which could have been avoided had Captains (Athletes) checked their athletes (themselves ) in, in accordance with the rules. Mr Brian O’Donoghue added that he accepted that it was very difficult to host such a championships and could understand some of the problems experienced by UL and that maybe the IUAA should set up a body to oversee the event.

At this point EB stated that he would like to make a few points.
· Only three institutions had provided officials (TCD, UCD & WIT). Institutions should provide officials as help is required to host the championships.
· IAAF rules had been implemented as agreed at the AGM.
· Athletes must be available for heats on the Friday and the bogus check-ins that had occurred were unacceptable.
· ‘An Other’ on an entry form is not acceptable.
· Rules must be adhered to.

Mr Gordan Kennedy stated that he was of the view that if athletes weren’t entered on time then that was their problem. Mr Joe Rafferty supported My Kennedy on this point. MH explained that people had been accusing him, as track referee, for not accepting late entries, when in fact the IUAA was implementing IAAF rules as agreed at the AGM and at an executive meeting on Friday evening. Mr Paul Butler pointed out that announcements couldn’t be heard at the far end of the track. EB stated that in future to prevent problems with entries, there should be a deadline of one week prior the championships when all entries should have been received by the hosts. Mr Brian O’Donoghue stated that there had been different problems last year, new problems this year and that maybe the IUAA should provide institutions with a copy of the IAAF handbook. MH stated that it was up to clubs to get a copy of the IAAF handbook. CS stated the TCD would look into the problems that had arisen and would present solutions at the AGM in October. MH explained that as a result of the builders not being ready on time, the check-in had to be set up in a track side tent. EB then concluded the discussion on the organisation of the event by stating that institutions should put any further points and possible solutions in writing to the Hon. Secretary.
EB went on to say that several athletes had come very close to achieving varsity records.

2. Multi events 2000.

IOS inquired if there were any results available, but was informed that they hadn’t been processed yet. CS pointed out that the lack of computer facilities had made the processing of results very difficult and that future hosts would want to look at the computer requirements very seriously. He also apologised to the multievent athletes for the lack of a points update prior to the 800/1500m. CW suggested that maybe the Clark of the Course should be reintroduced. KMcN informed the meeting that the IUAA would sit down and write a ‘How to do it book’.

3. Antrim International Track & Field, 20th June 2000.

Selection would be based of the 1st and 2nd placed athlete in today’s championships. EB asked all Captains to confirm the availability of their athletes ASAP, to either himself or to KMcN. Ms. Sylvia Lennon asked if there would be a walk this year. Mr. Noel Lawlor inquired about the cost and was informed that the cost to the athletes was the cost that they incurred in travelling to Dublin. The IUAA executive would select the Captains.

4. Championship Hosts 2003-2010.

SL explains that he had sent out a detailed list of what was required for hosting an intervarsity and that he had sent a letter looking for hosts up to 2010. A list would be compiled and voted on at the next AGM in October. Mr Gordan Kennedy stated that all proposed hosts should be checked out prior to being awarded the Championships. EB informed everyone that they should attend the AGM so as items could be discussed properly.

5. A.O.B.

Dates for Nenagh 2000/1 were discussed. The 1st choice date was 1st/2nd December and the 2nd choice date was 8th/9th December 2000.

The date and venue for the AGM was set: Saturday 21st October 2000 in the University of Dublin, Trinity College. All members are strongly encouraged to attend.

Minutes compiled by the Hon. Secretary, Mr. Stephen Lipson.