Minutes of the Captain’s Meeting held in the National University of Ireland, Maynooth on the afternoon of 22 November 2003


In attendance

Dr. Stephen Lipson (SL), Prof. Cyril Smyth (CS), Mr. Gavin McBride, Ms. Rebecca Haworth, Mr. Ian O’Sullivan (IOS), Mr. Kieran Lambe.


Louise Cavanagh (CIT),

Louise Reilly, Gary Park (DCU),

Eoin Meagher (NUI May),

Paul Wilson (QUB), Simon Taylor (QUB), Paul Lynas (QUB),

Jennifer Goggin (UCC), Zara Murphy (UCC),

Maria Slattery (UCD),

Janine Jensen (TCD), Karl Fahy (TCD),

Gerard O’Shea (UL),

Sinead Peoples (UU), Ian O’Neill (UU)


Apologies: Mr. Eric Brady, Prof. Michael Hillery


The President (SL) welcomed all to the meeting. NUI Maynooth were thanked for huge efforts made in hosting the championship.


1: Cross Country: AGM rule change:

SL advised that non-attendees at the recent AGM, where the rule was first discussed, sould refrain from voting on this issue. He explained the rule and questioned whether the substitutes should be capped at a number of 5 or increased. Gary Park (GP) suggested 10. Cyril Smyth (CS) suggested that this should not increase beyond 10. Janine Jenson felt that the rule wasn’t clear and after subsequent explanations from CS, a word change from ‘non-scoring’ to ‘non-placing’ was suggested. The modified rule was passed unanimously.


2: Indoor Track & Field Championships:

SL asked whether colleges were satisfied with the new date and suggested that if that was not the case, the date for next year could be reverted back to that of previous years. There was general agreement from the floor that the date of February 6-7 was an ideal date. SL stressed the importance of big colleges providing officials in order to ensure smooth running of the championship. GP asked whether a system was in place to prevent a repeat of the timing problems that occurred at the Galway T&F IV 2003. SL assured GP that timing issues were in hand and was confident that no such problems would arise.


3: World Student Cross-country:

Ian O’ Neill, team coach introduced himself and the team manager, Louise Cavanagh. ION passed out a preliminary booklet on the WSG XC and explained the important points within this document. He mentioned that CUSAI were debating whether or not to send a team to the championships due to poor showing of Irish team at last couple of championships. He informed the floor that he had secured an invite from the organisers of the Stormont XC for an Irish universities team. He encouraged captains and athletes to contact him if interested in competing. He made the point that should an athlete be selected for the WSG XC, a personal financial contribution from the athlete towards the cost of attending would be necessary. GP asked whether the IV XC was a selection race. In response, ION stated that the first 2 athletes across the line in both men and women’s races would be selected. Louise Cavanagh (LC) expressed her desire to see the strongest team lining up to represent Ireland next March. She stressed that all the organisation would be undertaken by herself and ION and again asked that captains communicate the availability of athletes. CS mentioned the importance of sending a very strong team as CUSAI are bidding to host the 2006 WSG XC in UU Jordanstown. He suggested that a strong Irish team competing in Italy would strengthen the bid. IOS asked whether any reason existed for the poor Irish presence at previous championships. ION responded that the main reason was financial and that for some of the strongest athletes, these championships were not a priority. He concluded by saying that he wants to compile a database of eligible athletes.


4: AOB

The floor raised no additional items.


Minutes compiled by Rebecca Haworth

Hon. Secretary, IUAA 2003-2005