Minutes of the Captains meeting held in the National University of Ireland Maynooth, on the afternoon of Saturday 16th November 2002.


In attendance:

Dr. Stephen Lipson (SL), Mr. Eric Brady (EB), Mr. Tim O’Connor (TOC), Prof. Cyril Smyth (CS), Mr. Noel Pollock (NP) Mr David Kelly (DK), Mr Tony Lilley (TL) and Dr. Dave Maley (DM).

Gary Park (DCU)

Herbie McCelland (DIT)

Geariod O’Connor (IT Tallaght)

Jane Cahill (NUI Maynooth)

Fiona Reid, Michael O’Shea (UL)

Aoife Murray, Shane Gardiner (UCD)

Karl Fahy, Janine Jensen (TCD)

Gavin McBride, Paul Lynas, Suzanne McCormick(QUB)



Apologies: Prof. Michael Hillery (MH), Dr. Siobhan O’Keeffe, Prof. Cyril White,



The President (SL) thanks NUI - Maynooth for the excellent job they did in both the run up to the event and on the day.


1.  Road Relays 2002 – Comments.

SL went on to say that he felt that the event had passed of very successfully and asked the captains present if they had any comments be they positive or negative as it was the only way problems could be rectified. Shane Gardiner commented that the venue for check-in hadn’t been publicised. Jane Cahill (race organiser) stated that there was meant to have been a civil defence tent at the start/finish line but due to all the flooding in the local area they had other more important priorities to attend to, hence the venue had to be changed at the last minute. It was also pointed out that extra marshalling along the course would be to the benefit of the race.


2.  Indoor T&F 6th/7th December 2002.

SL confirmed that the indoors would be on the 6/7th December as decided at the AGM. He outlined that all entries must be made online by the closing date and that information would be posted out to the membership shortly. He also pointed out that some minor alterations had been made to the timetable to facilitate the introduction of the new events at this years championship. The new events being the 8kg WF for women, the 16kg WF for men and the combined events for men and women. SL also pointed out that it had been brought to his attention that there was very limited accommodation available in Limerick and that in an effort to facilitate athletes who may be forced to travel from home to Nenagh on the Saturday morning the IUAA were proposing that the timetable be put back one hour on the Saturday morning. Everyone present agreed. All colleges were asked to provide officials at the times designated to their college.


3.  Celtic Cross Country.

SL informed everyone that the IUAA would be holding the event this year on Saturday 22nd March 2003 and that the venue would be decided shortly. The Immediate Past President, Mr. Eric Brady, explained that the IUAA was looking for people who would be interested in being Team Managers for the event. There was a brief discussion regarding team selection in which it was confirmed that teams would be picked solely on the results in the IUAA cross country and that as in previous years there would be a Presidents select team.


4.  World Student Games 2003: Nomination of a coach.

SL informed the meeting that the closing date for nominations for the position of coach was coming up very soon and that if anyone knew of anyone who was interested they should get their nomination into the IUAA ASAP accompanied by a full sports CV. The vice president, Mr Tim O’Connor confirmed that the closing date was in fact Friday 6th December.


5.  A.O.B.

There were no addition issues raised by the floor.


Minutes compiled by Stephen Lipson.

Hon. President IUAA.