Minutes of captains meeting at Maynooth Road Relays

Held at NUI Maynooth. 11th November 2000

In attendance:


Mr. Eric Brady, Hon. President.

Professor Cyril Smyth, Immediate Past President.

Ms. Siobhán O’Keeffe, Hon. Vice President.

Mr. Stephen Lipson, Hon. Vice President.

Mr. Keir Mc Namara, Hon. Secretary

Mr. Noel Pollock, Hon. Treasurer.

Mr. Ian O’Sullivan, Hon. Competitions Secretary.

Ms. Catherine Carroll, Hon. PRO.

Professor Cyril White, Committee member.

Dr. David Maley, Committee member.


Damien McLoughlin (Dublin City University).

Elizabeth Egan and Mark Hamilton (NUI - Limerick).

Tanya Strevens, Mary Stapelton, Helen Murphy and Brian Foley (University of Dublin, Trinity College).

Paul Lynas and Gary Tumilty (Queens University Befast).

Jane Cahill and David Beere (NUI - Maynooth).

Tony Collins and Barry Corcoran (NUI - Dublin).

1. Indoor Track and Field Championships.

Prof. Cyril Smyth took those in attendance through the new web based entry system that has been designed by Niall Linden and Brian Foley in Trinity. He described how the system was to be used and also stated that the deadline for entries was 29th November 2000. Mr. Eric Brady expressed the need for officials at the event and stated that he hoped the IUAA would be in a position to bring along some of their own. He also warned those universities attending to book their accommodation soon, as a shortage was imminent. Ian O’Sullivan in his capacity as competitions secretary said he would be nominating different member institutions events for which they would have to provide officials.

2. Cross Country Championships.

There was a lengthy debate on the date for the 2001 championships. This stemmed from the fact of there being a real shortage of available dates in the spring due to exams and a heavy schedule of racing in the months of February and March. Following the debate, Saturday 10th March was proposed by Cyril Smyth and seconded by Brian Foley. This means that the race will be held on the day before the Athletics Association of Ireland World Cross Country Short-course trail and may affect the numbers competing slightly. NUI Dublin are to be the hosts.

3. World Student Games.

Mr. Eric Brady informed those in attendance that he had sent the name of Lucy Moore forward as the IUAA nomination as coach to the Irish Track and Field team at the World Student Games in China in Summer 2001 from the list of nominations he had received. At the time of the meeting he had received no conformation that this nomination had been accepted by CUSAI. Cyril Smyth said however that he had received unofficial conformation of her appointment, and that her name would be formally going forward at the CUSAI AGM. the following week. He also stated that the qualification standards were likely to be high - near to current Olympic B qualification standards, and that the next games will be in Korea (2003) and Turkey (2005).

4. Insurance.

Ms. Siobhán O’Keeffe said that each member should insure their own athletes. She stated that the host will cover public liability at an event, but that personal injury is the responsibility of the athletes own institution. She also said that she had designed an accident report form that is to be filled out in the eventuality of an accident at any of our events.

5. A.O.B.

David Beere from Maynooth, asked that extra meals not be taken in the restaurant and that full payment be made for those ordered. Ian O’Sullivan stated that he thought athletes were being paced during the day. Eric Brady said that without a written complaint, nothing could be done. He had the same answer when Brian Foley said that the course was not marked properly, and that there was a lack of officials. Cyril Smyth said that he had momento medals from the millennium championships left over if anyone wanted them, and Ian O’Sullivan asked that the photocopies of student I.D.’s be sent to him before the 17th November deadline.

Minutes compiled by Mr Keir Mc Namara, Hon. Secretary IUAA