Minutes of the Captains meeting held in the National University of Ireland Maynooth, on the afternoon of Saturday 21st November 1998.

In attendance:

Prof. Cyril Smyth, Prof. Cyril White, Mr. Eric Brady, Mr. Stephen Lipson, Mr David Maley and Mr. Ian O’Sullivan.

Susan Kehoe, Adrian Doyle and Margaret Lucey. (UCC)

Juilet Claffey, Elizabeth Egan and Kieran Murphy. (UL)

Sylvia Lennon, Gregoir Cleary and Orla O’Mahoney. (UCD)

Michelle Doyle and Barry O’Driscill. (DCU)

Niall Linden, Kate O’Connor, Simon Geraghty and Catrina O’Donohoe. (TCD)

Ian McDonald (NUI Maynooth)

Noel Pollock, Andrew Dunwoody and Ricky Graham. (QUB)

Eugene O’Neill, Paul Campbell and Colin Walsh. (DIT)

Cathal Lombard. (Incorporated Law Socoety)


Apologies: Prof. Michael Hillery.


1. Championships 1998-1999

The President, Prof. Cyril Smyth, thanks Mr. Ian McDonald and Ms. Fiona O’Brien for the excellent job they did in organising this years event. The vice President, Prof. Cyril White, also thanks the hosts.

Indoor T&F Championships - The President explain that the 1st choice date of 4th/5th December 1998 was not possible as the 5th was already booked by the Munster Schools. Going on what had been agreed at the AGM the second choice date of 11th/12th December was booked. Orla O’Mahoney said that it doesn’t suit as it clashes with exams and the National Novice and suggests a one day championships on the 4th Dec. Niall Linden points out that a one day championships will result in a cutting back of events and this is not acceptable. Gregoir Cleary suggests the 18th/19th Dec. but everyone agrees that this is to close to Christmas. The President and vice President explain that there are problems with a one day championships and that there will always be problems with dates and suggest that the IUAA book the venue now for the 1st weekend in Dec., for next years event. This is acceptable to the floor. The competitions secretary, Mr. Eric Brady, asks colleges to make sure that they do everything possible to provide helpers for the championships as they don’t happen on there own.

Cross Country Championship - Will take place in NUI Galway on 6th March 1999.

Outdoor T&F championships - The president will draw up a list for qualification for the finals as the Mary Peters Track only has 6 lanes. Paul Campbell asks if there will be 6 or 8 people in the 800m final and is informed that it will be 8.

Multievents - due to falling numbers the executive will look at the possibility of incorporating in into the Outdoor T&F championships.


2. Universiada 1999

The President explains that his nomination as Athletics Team Manager was not accepted by CUSAI but that they had asked him to be Chef de Mission. He would accept if his primary responsibility was for Athletics and when the position of Team Manager has been filled. The PRO, Mr. Ian O’Sullivan, said that he thought that Mr. Ray Shanahan (who had been appointed by CUSAI) would accept the position of team manager/coach. The President went on to say that the standards had not been set and that it was the responsibility of the coach to set them, but that the IUAA would be submitting its own standards for consideration by the coach.


3. Maynooth Road Relay Championships 1998

DIT women become the first non-member (i.e. associate member) to win an intervarsity championship.


4. A.O.B.

Millennium celebrations should be marked with special medallions being given to all competitors.

The Irish Hill Running Association had approached the IUAA with a view to running a university hill race on 11th April 1999 in Wicklow prior to the international race being held on the same day. The IUAA executive had decided to support the race but not to give it championship status.

Harvard and Yale were coming to Ireland in early June and Maurice Byrne was organising a meeting along the lines of the Penn / Cornell meeting that he had arranged the previous year.

The Treasurer, Mr David Maley, reminded Clubs that subscriptions were due.

QUB said that they were worried that the venue they had booked for the meal after the T&F in April1999 was not big enough, but it was agreed that the size of the venue was comparable with the previous years.

The Vice President informed the meeting that there would be a two day seminar on endurance training taking place at the World Cross Country Championships in Belfast in March.

Minutes compiled by Stephen Lipson.

Hon. Secretary IUAA.