Minutes of the Captain’s Meeting held in Tinryland, Co.Carlow on the afternoon of 28 February 2004


In attendance

Dr. Stephen Lipson (SL), Prof. Cyril Smyth (CS), Mr. Eric Brady (EB), Ms. Rebecca Haworth, Mr. Ian O’Sullivan (IOS), Mr. Kieran Lambe, Mr. Enda Fitzpatrick.


Louise Cavanagh (CIT),

Louise Reilly (DCU), Gary Park (DCU),

Conor Pollock (QUB), Simon Taylor (QUB),

Jennifer Goggin (UCC),

Maria Slattery (UCD), Vincent O’Sullivan (UCD)

Janine Jensen (TCD), Karl Fahy (TCD),

Tracey Roche (UL),

Sinead Peoples (UU), Ian O’Neill (UU),

Martin Conroy (NUIG), Adrian Watson (NUIG),

Carmel Lynch (ITC), Paula Hickey (ITC), Robert O’Rourke (ITC), Jennifer Farrell (ITC)


The President (SL) welcomed all to the meeting. IT Carlow were thanked for the excellent staging of the cross-country intervarsity.


1: Indoors:

SL requested feedback on the recent indoors intervarsity particularly on the revised date. Karl Fahy (TCD) felt that less people were in attendance due to the close proximity of the AAA’s and the National Intermediates. IOS said that the event is in season in Spring and its staging before Christmas is out of sync with the calendar. SL proposed that in future the event could be at the same date as this year, 1 week earlier or a revert to before Christmas. Ian O’Neill commented that people do not favour the venue and dates have no effect on attendance. EB felt that the event should remain in Spring for the time being and a reassessment could take place next year. Janine Jenson felt that it would be easier for clubs to retain numbers in their clubs if an event in winter and soon after the road relays. Gary Park commented that in December the indoors in a novelty whereas in Spring there are a multitude of excellent indoor events to choose from in the UK. SL concluded that there would be further discussion at the Outdoor Track & Field intervarsities.


2: World Student Cross-country:

Ian O’Neill expressed his delight at the large turnout at the cross-country intervarsities and mentioned that he was now in the process of selecting the team. LC added that the team would be ratified by CUSAI several days later.


3: Outdoor Track and Field IV:

SL requested an update from UCC. Jennifer Goggin replied that preparations were proceeding well. SL outlined the current problems with the hammer cage and discus for those in attendance. He mentioned that the timetable was accurate except for the pole vault and javelin which will be staged in CIT.  He also commented that in future, the IUAA may insist that the venue has the ability to host all events. He requested that every athlete would wear their race number whilst participating and that the captains of a club were responsible for the race numbers for their team. EB added his request that members of a college team would wear identical singlets.


4: Antrim International

SL confirmed that this event would be staged on June 8th. He requested that interested athletes contact him and asked that club captains would promote the event to their team.


5: AOB

The floor raised no additional items.


Minutes compiled by Rebecca Haworth

Hon. Secretary, IUAA 2003-2005