Minutes of Captains Meeting of IUAA Cross Country 2002-2003


Date: 8th March 2003


Venue: DCU


In attendance:

Gary Park, Michael Aughey (DCU)

Herbert McClelland (DIT)

Caroline Garrett, Robert O’Rourke (IT Carlow)

John Toner (NUIG)

Paul Lynus, Suzanne McCormick (QUB)

Cian Murphy, James Murphy (UCC)

Shane Gardiner (UCD)

Karl Fahy, Janine Jensen (TCD)

Fiona Reid, Michael O’Shea (UL)

Sinead Peoples, Daragh McDaid (UU)

Stephen Lipson, Eric Brady, Cyril Smyth, Noel Pollock, Dvid Kelly, Ian O’Neill, Ian O’Sullivan & Cyril White (IUAA)



Stephen Lipson welcomed all to the meeting and asked for a ‘stand-in’ secretary. Noel Pollock accepted. He then thanked DCU for hosting a well run Cross country event and invited comments from the floor.


Cyril Smyth commented that entries in the women’s race were much increased on previous years. Cyril White stated that the officials were well instructed and supported. There were various comments of support and congratulation from the floor. SL advised all that any further comments should be made to email DCU or the IUAA.


Celtic Cross Country:


The meeting was informed that this year’s Celtic International would be hosted by DIT in 2 weeks time. Ian O Neill (Coach) made it known that all selected athletes had been informed and that he would appreciate prompt replies as to their availability, accommodation requirements and vest sizes.


Track and Field 2003


SL emphasised the importance of the closing date being met and stressed that the timetable would only run efficiently if colleges provided the necessary officials. There was then some debate on the new starting rules and it was accepted without dissention that the IUAA would adopt the new IAAF starting rules for its championship. The captains were made aware of the lack of pole vault facilities in Galway and that efforts were currently being made to seek an alternative venue for this event.


Hall of Fame


Eric Brady informed the meeting that an IUAA ‘Hall of Fame’ had been proposed and that he was currently working on the format of such an idea. He suggested that initially a small number of 5-6 outstanding athletes would be selected to inaugurate the hall of fame and that each year an election or nomination process would take place to select suitable candidates. He proposed that posthumous inductees would be accepted and that all inductees would be 3-5 years post-graduation.


World Student Games


The meeting was informed of the names of the coaches for South Korea 2003. SL advised that an AAI technical representative would be present at the IUAA T&F to ratify qualifying times and distances. EB commented that approximate cost to the athlete or college would be around 1000 euro.


Antrim International


SL informed all that the date for the Antrim International would be the 10th or 17th of June. EB reminded athletes of last year when UL did not support the event, instead travelling to Birmingham, and asked that colleges make every effort to ensure availability of their athletes for the IUAA team.


Guests in Cross Country


Janine Jensen (TCD) commented that a number of TCD runners who did not make their full teams would have liked to run as guests in this years cross country. CW stated that if this policy was accepted there may have been a problem with numbers at the start. SL and EB both said that the championships were team championships and that there had to be a limit on the number in teams. JJ reminded the meeting that these athletes would be non-scoring guests. It was concluded that this was an issue for the AGM – to reconsider team sizes and discuss the running of non-scoring guests.


Graduate Race


Gary Park (DCU) asked for feedback from the floor about the Graduate Race which was incorporated into this years championships. There were several responses from captain’s supporting the idea however it was not publicised well this year. EB stated that if this was to be incorporated each year it may require AAI permit as an open race. The comment was raised that it was closed to graduates.



SL thanked all and brought the meeting to a close.