Captains Meeting, Irish University Cross  Country Championships, University of  Ulster – Coleraine, March 9th, 2002



Mr. Eric Brady                       Hon. President IUAA

Prof. Cyril Smyth                   Hon. Immediate Past President IUAA

Mr. Stephen Lipson               Hon. Vice President IUAA

Mr. Tim O’Connor                 Hon. Vice President IUAA

Dr. Keir McNamara                Hon. Secretary IUAA

Mr. Noel Pollock                    Hon. Treasurer IUAA

Mr. Joe Rafferty                     Hon. P.R.O. IUAA

Dr. Siobhán O’Keffee             Hon. Committee Member IUAA

Dr. Dave Maley                      Hon. Committee Member IUAA

Mr. Liam Dunne                     P.R.O. Dublin Institute of Technology

Ms. Jackie Mulhall                 Captain, Dublin City university

Mr. Shane Gardiner                Captain, NUI Dublin

Ms. Rosemary Daniel             Captain, University of Limerick

Mr. Dermot Smith                  Captain, University of Limerick

Mr. Cian Murphy                  Committee Member, NUI Cork

Mr. John Cunliffe                   Captain, Trinity College Dublin

Mr. Patrick Cassidy               Captain, Trinity College Dublin

Ms. Cora O’Reilly                  Captain, Trinity College Dublin

Mr. Paul Lynas                       Secretary, Queens University Belfast

Mr. Alan Ward                       Vice-Captain, IT Tallaght

Mr. Gearóid O’Connor           Captain, IT Tallaght

Mr. James McGee                  Captain, Cork IT

Mr. Tony Lilley                     Cork IT

Mr. Chris McDermott            Vice-Captain, NUI Galway



World Student Games Cross Country Championships, 2002

IUAA Track and Field 2002



Eric Brady opened the meeting by extending a warm thanks to the University of Ulster for hosting the days competitions. He commended the organisers for a tough and competitive course which he said was a  true test of an athletes ability that was likely to be of great help to Dave Maley when selecting his team for the word student games cross  country.


World Student Games Cross Country Championships, 2002

It was announced that the team lists would be released on Monday 11th March. Dave Maley asked for contact details for the first five athletes in the days races and informed all that the cost to each athlete would be 500 euro.


Gearóid O’Connor asked about the days events occurring on the same weekend as the national short course trials. Eric Brady said that there was no right time to host these championships, that AAI set their timetable as they saw fit. Finding a time that suits the university calendar, other athletic events in the north and south and officials is very difficult he said and he requested that suggestions from those attending would be welcome.


Gearóid O’Connor suggested that only the national long course and IUAA CC be the trial events, with the first four students in the long course being automatically entered and that the remaining two places be open.


Eric Brady added that selection to the event is not an IUAA decision,  but at the discretion of the team management. In the past top finishers in the IUAA event were automatically selected, but not so in this years event. Cyril Smyth mentioned that this has only become a problem since the inception of the short course event in 1995. Eric Brady further added that the IUAA constitution is open for review this October, and that people should start thinking about issues they would like raised at that time.


IUAA Track and Field 2002

Tony Lilley informed all that things were coming together well for this years track and field. CIT were putting up their webpage the following week. And the packs were going out to the institutions next week. Jackie Mulhall asked if an information list could be included, to which she was told that it would be, and that she would be sorted out if she had any difficulties.



There was no other business.