Minutes of the Captains meeting held in the Country Club Hotel on the evening of Saturday 26th February 2000 at the IUAA Cross Country Championships hosted by Cork Institute of Technology.

In attendance:

Mr. Eric Brady (EB), Prof. Cyril Smyth (CS), Ms Siobhan O’Keeffe (SOK), Mr. Stephen Lipson (SL), Mr. David Maley (DM), Mr. Ian O’Sullivan (IOS), Prof. Cyril White (CW), Mr. Noel Pollock (NP), and Ms. Catherine Carroll (CC).

John Stacey. (UL)

Brian O’Donoghue and Orla O’Mahoney. (UCD)

Muriel Cummins and Tanya Strevens. (TCD)

Conor McGee (NUI Maynooth)

Andrew Dunwoody (QUB)

Siobhan O’Regan and George Hughes (DCU)

Mark Higgins (WIT)

Alan Ward (IT-Tallaght)

Paul McNamara and Jean O’Connor (NUIG)

Herbert McClellend and Hector Dalton (DIT)

John Stacey and Norah Nelson (UL)

Robert Connolly (Portobello College)

Tony Lilley (CIT)

Time 18.55hrs.

EB calls the meeting to order, welcomes everyone and explains that these meetings are designed as a forum for discussion and that Captains are encouraged to make comments. He then thanks CIT, comments on the large numbers in both the men’s and the women’s field and proceeds to explain how CIT were the first IT to affiliate to the IUAA and that it is fitting that they should be the first IT to host a championship now that every institution is a fully pledged member of the IUAA.

At this point Mr Herbert McClellend commented on the lack of changing and showering facilities at the course and stated that it was completely unacceptable. Mr Hector Dalton then added that no institution should be awarded a championships if they can’t provide facilities. EB accepted these points. Mr. Hector Dalton then queried the venue change, explaining that it had cost DIT a lot of money as they hadn’t been informed of the venue change and had to get taxis to get from the old venue to the new venue. SL pointed out that the change of venue had been posted out and that DITs must have got lost in the post. CW stated that he thought that it was IUAA policy that changing facilities be provided. DM stated that in future the IUAA should make sure. EB then stated that the IUAA should make sure in the future that there are facilities. At this point a Tony Lilley (CIT) arrived and explained that the course had been checked out and was the best that could be found. DIT then explained that it was the lack of facilities that they were complaining about and not the course. At this point EB interrupted and stated that the executive would take the points raised today on board.

  1. Celtic International Cross Country 11th March 2000, Phoenix Park.

CS explained the selection procedure was still the same as that circulated previously. He also pointed out that he would need to know tonight if the athletes were available to run etc etc. He also explained that the letters that he had posted out to the NIAF, the Scottish Universities and the Welsh Universities had not arrived, but that he had now sorted this problem out. The course was in the Phoenix Park. He would also need to know the names, addresses, phone numbers and vest sizes of all the athletes. EB reminded everyone that these athletes should try and confirm their availability tonight. EB went on to ask the Captains to check with their athletes and to encourage people to come out and support. Brian O’Donoghue then pointed out that the World Student games and the Celtic international both encouraged the top athletes to come out and compete and would it not be a good idea to host the Celtic international every two years but not in the same year as the world student games in an attempt to improve the standard in non world student games years. CS said that the executive would consider this and he also pointed out that there was the possibility of an indoor competition taking place in either Northern Ireland or Wales and that this indoor competition combined with the Celtic international Cross Country and the Antrim T&F would mean a chance for everyone to compete.

  1. World Student Cross Country - Jena March 2000

EB explained that DM was the Coach. DM stated that Ms. Sinead Coughlan of Athlone IT was the manager, but that DM was picking the team and that the selection criteria had been on the IUAA web page for some time now. He then announced the teams that he had picked. Brian O’Donoghue points out that there seems to be an imbalance between the number of men and women selected form todays race. DM stated that the first 2 women and the first 3 men were selected from todays race and pointed out that it was his job to select the team and that he hoped that he had done the best job that he could do. Mr. Herbert McClellend then congratulated DM on the excellent job that he had done and that the selection procedure had been fair and above board at all times, unlike the situation two years ago.

  1. Outdoor Track & Field 14th/15th April 2000, University of Limerick.

SOK explained that the entries had been posted on the previous Wednesday and that the closing date was the 10th March and that cheques for the meal were to arrive no later that 31st March. The meal would cost £16. The time table would be posted out shortly. She said that the Saturday session would start one hour earlier that normal due to the rugby match that was on that evening. She also suggested starting one hour earlier on the Friday but this was rejected by the floor. Buses were being arranged to Bunratty for the meal, the theme was ‘Movie Madness’ and that UL were looking for Club profiles for the program. EB said that it was good to see the club profiles being revived. SOK then outlined the accommodation problem in Limerick due to the rugby match. CW then inquired about the track and wondered if the building work would affect the smooth running of the Championships. SOK said that there were no problems and that if the new building wasn’t ready in time then the sports centre changing facilities could be used. CW then inquired about electronic timing and was informed that it was under control.

  1. Multi events 2000.

EB explained that the multievents would be incorporated into the T&F again this year. SOK said that the entries had already been sent. CS explained the situation regarding 3/6 jumps for Multievent/Varsity competitors. CW then reminded everyone that the IUAA championships were run under the Current IAAF rules and that no exceptions were made. CS inquired about starters and was informed that as yet there were none. He then reminded UL that if they wanted him to start than he would require advance notice.

  1. Championship Hosts 2003-2010.

SL explains that he had sent out a detailed list of what was required for hosting an intervarsity and that he had sent a letter looking for hosts up to 2010 and that to date he had received only 2 replies. A list would be compiled and voted on at the next AGM in October. SL went on to say that he would be looking for a report from the intervarsity hosts. ie CIT and UL. EB then mentioned that the new indoor facility in Belfast could possibly be used for the indoor Championships instead on Nenagh.

  1. A.O.B.

EB mentioned the meeting that had taken place between the IUAA/CUSAI/AAI.

IOS stated that he was planning to bring out a mini IUAA booklet. EB stated that this was a good idea for marketing the IUAA and improving its PR.

Meeting ended 2000hrs

Minutes compiled by the Hon. Secretary, Mr. Stephen Lipson.