Minutes of the Captains meeting held in the National University of Ireland Galway, on the afternoon of Saturday 6th March 1999.

In attendance:

Prof. Cyril Smyth, Prof. Cyril White, Prof. Michael Hillery, Mr Eric Brady, Mr. Stephen Lipson, Mr David Maley and Mr. Ian O’Sullivan.

Susan Kehoe, Adrian Doyle and Margaret Lucey. (UCC)

Juilet Claffey. (UL)

Gregoir Cleary and Orla O’Mahoney. (UCD)

Karla Doran, Michelle Doyle and Mike Aughey. (DCU)

Niall Linden and Kate O’Connor. (TCD)

Noel Pollock, and Andrew Dunwoody. (QUB)

Herbert McClellend, Paul Campbell and Sheamus Byrne. (DIT)

Shane Harding and Jerry Guney. (CIT)

Thomas O’Donoghue. (NUIG)




  1. Cross Country Championships - Galway 1999

The President, Prof. Cyril Smyth, thanked NUI Galway for organising the event to such a high standard. He went on to say that there had been a significant increase in the number of women competing compared to previous years and that the men’s field was slightly down on the previous year. The president also expressed the view that he thought it was very fitting that NUI Galway, as hosts, had their first individual winner in the men’s since 1971. On a more serious note the president encouraged everyone to enjoy themselves at the varsity meal but reminded everyone that he did not want to see a repeat of the 1994 T&F occurrences when everyone was thrown out of the hotel.


  1. Outdoor Track & Field Championships - Belfast 1999

The treasurer, Mr David Maley, (speaking on behalf of QUB) explained that the entry forms and additional information had gone out in the post within the last week. The president said that he would provide details to QUB regarding the number of competitors at last years event as a guide to QUB.


  1. Multievents

The Competitions Secretary, Mr Eric Brady, explained that seeing as the numbers competing had fallen off rapidly in recent years, that the event should be incorporated into the T&F in Belfast in an effort to encourage more Athletes to compete. The immediate past president, Prof. Michael Hillery, objected to this idea. Thomas O’Donoghue (NUI Galway) said that he felt it was a good idea. After some more discussion it was decided that the competitions secretary would look into the feasibility of incorporating the multievents into the T&F championships and if he felt that it could be done satisfactorily, then the events would be incorporated. Discussions on the T&F time table relating to the multivents lead on to a discussion about the start time for the T&F on the Friday. After much discussion a start time of 2.15pm was agreed upon.


  1. Universiada 1999


Full electronic timing would be available at the T&F championships to enable athletes to record qualifying times for the World Student Games. Times recorded after 1/1/99 only, will be accepted for World Student Game qualification. The president and the manager (Ray Shanahan) were in the process of making representations to CUSAI to see if performances from the previous summer would be considered. The president went on to say that he wasn’t sure of the FISU rule regarding this issue. The immediate past president said that he didn’t think it was a FISU rule and pointed out that a female athlete from Africa had been lapped when the World Student Games were in Sheffield.


  1. Hill Running Race

The president said that he would be circulating information regarding this event shortly.


  1. New Associate Members

The eligibility of athletes competing in the championships was discussed as a result of the rule changes brought in at the AGM, especially in relation to athletes from bodies not affiliated to the IUAA. The immediate past president said that we should stick with the rule brought in at the AGM. Niall Linden asked if he was interested in Athletes or rules. The competitions secretary pointed out that he had highlighted the problem at the AGM but that he had been out voted. The president asked if the rules could be bent on this occasion to allow new bodies to affiliate. A heated discussion followed, cumulating in the competitions secretary suggesting an EGM. Niall Linden suggested that it be held immediately after the meeting. The president and vice president spoke out against this idea and it was decided to stick to the rule agreed at the AGM. A further discussion on Guests took place with the vice president putting forward a motion to see if guests could go through to the final. It was passed by 10 votes to 9.


  1. A.O.B.

Gregoir Cleary inquired about the subsidy for the T&F hosted by UCD in April 98. The treasurer said that he would look into it as he wasn’t sure, as the money hadn’t been paid for several years and he was unaware of the exact figure. Gregoir Cleary also asked if results were available and was informed that there wasn’t.

(Point to note: The competitions secretary took the minutes for the above meeting.)

Minutes Compiled by Stephen Lipson, from minutes taken by Eric Brady.