Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the IUAA held in Dublin City University on Saturday 3rd November.




Mr. Eric Brady, Hon. President.

Professor Cyril Smyth, Immediate Past President.

Dr. Siobhan O’Keeffe, Vice President.

Dr. Stephen Lipson, Vice President.

Dr. Keir McNamara, Hon. Secretary.

Mr Noel Pollock, Hon. Treasurer.

Mr. Ian O’Sullivan, Hon. Competitions Secretary.

Ms Catherine Carroll, Hon. PRO / Committee Member.

Professor Michael Hillery, Committee Member.

Professor Cyril White, Committee Member.

Dr. David Maley, Committee Member.

Dr Ian Morrison, Committee Member.



In Attendance:

Mr. Brian Foley, TCD (BF)                 Mr. John Cunliffe, TCD (JC)              

Ms. Jackie Mulhall, DCU (JM)                           Mr. Damien McLoughlin, DCU (DML)

Mr. Alan O’Leary, NUIG (AL)                           Ms. Nollaig Quinn, NUIG (NQ)

Mr. Paul Hession, NUIG (PH)                            Mr. Nicholas Levorum, QUB (NL)

Mr. Paul Lynas, QUB (PL)                  Mr. Noel Lawlor, AIT (NL)

Mr. Tim O’Connor, IT Tallaght (TOC)              Mr. Patsy McGonigle, LIT (PMG)

Mr. Diarmuid Byrne, DIT (DB)                           Mr. Patrick Cassidy, TCD (PC)

Mr. Aubrey Storey, TCD (AS)                           Ms. Cora O’Reilly, TCD (CR)

Ms. Rosemary Daniel, UL (RD)                         Mr. Joe Rafferty, TCD (JR)

Mr. Dermot Smith, UL (DS)                                Mr. Shane Gardiner, UCD (SG)

Mr. Padraig Flanagan, UCD (SF)                       Mr. Thomas Conway, CIT (TC)

Ms. Niamh O’Riordan, CIT (NOR)                    Mr. Eoin McGrath, UCD (EMG)

Mr. Eric Brady, Pres. IUAA (EB)                       Prof. Cyril Smyth, TCD (CS)

Prof. Cyril White, UCD (CW)                             Mr. Ian O’Sullivan, UCC (IOS)

Dr. Steven Lipson, TCD (SL)                             Dr. Keir McNamara, UCD (KMN)

Mr. Dave Maley, QUB (DM)


No delegates from Dun Laoghaire Institute Art, Design Technology, Dundalk IT, IT Carlow, IT Tralee, The Incorporated Law society of Ireland, The National College of Ireland, University of Ulster, and Waterford IT were present. 


1.       Minutes of 2000 AGM.

These were taken as read.


2.       Matters arising from the minutes.

AL asked if there would be any change in the date for the Nenagh indoor championships. SL informed him that February or March would be preferable, but that there are no dates available, except for the one we take in early December. EB said that there were no times available and asked if anyone had any solutions. CS said that when the indoor facility in Santry is finished, we would have more flexibility. EB asked that a big discussion not begin on this, and that December seems to be the best option, which we will have to live with. The minutes were proposed by CS and seconded by CW.


3.       Report of Hon. Secretary.

This was taken as read. It was proposed by NL and seconded by JC.


4.       Report of Hon. Treasurer.

This report was compiled by committee member Dr. Dave Maley as Noel Pollock was overseas. DM informed all that there was a healthy surplus, which he expected would be used during the year as the IUAA was in the second part of a two-year cycle. AL asked why IUAA expenses has increased four fold on previous years. DM told him that photocopying, hire of rooms, and more students on the IUAA executive were the main reasons for this.

NL asked about subs were owed and not paid by other colleges. He was told by DM and EB that if a college pays what is owed within two years along with a fine they would be reinstated and that four colleges have had their membership revoked for non payment.

TOC asked IUAA to review affiliation fees if a college only has one athlete. EB and CW told him that the IUAA is based on institutions, that we have to look at the bigger picture, and think of the norm as distinct from hard cases.

EB informed all that the IUAA are dependent on getting affiliations to run itself. He said that the cross country international is an expense we don’t have next year as we are not hosting it, but also we are buying a new online system and may have expenses with the world student games cross country. AL asked about the future of the Antrim international and was told that because NI Athletics organise and host it, it is outsidde our control. The report was proposed by SL and seconded by AL.


5.       Report of Hon. Competitions’ secretary.

This was taken as read. It was proposed by CS and seconded by CW.


6.       Review of 2000/2001 Championships (members comments/criticisms).

RD asked why hammer throwers had to go to Belfield to compete. JC informed all that because of unforeseen difficulties owing to soccer in Santry, this had to be done. AS thanked UCD for facilitating this. PMG said that this problem will persist as long as soccer is played in Santry. EB asked PMG about the possibility of putting another hammer cage in the vicinity of Santry. PMG told him to propose the idea to the AAI. CW said that this was the responsibility of Fingal County Council. JR told all that DUHAC (TCD) are looking into getting one in their grounds in Santry.


CS thank UCD for hosting the cross country, especially in light of all the problems they had as a result of the foot and mouth crisis. He also thanked the athletes for obeying the disinfection procedures at the T&F.


SL asked the floor about the falling numbers in the multi-events. DML said they should not be abandoned. JC said athletes could do it as a separate event. EB said it was initially separate, but was incorporated into the T&F because of exam systems and students being unwilling to travel at that time of year. DML asked about upping the points to make it more attractive and AS asked about incorporating it into the T&F as a whole. EB argued that it would give bigger colleges an unfair advantage. CW said that suggesting that by incorporating it would be a radical change that would be detrimental to the multi-events. A number of people began exploring different ways of running the multi-events. In the interest of moving the meeting along EB asked that individuals put a proposal together.


JM asked about the use of call rooms to ensure events run on time. EB told her that we don’t have the numbers to operate this. CS said that there were call rooms for the T&F, but that it only worked for the finals. JR said that a lot of athletes didn’t bother going to the call rooms, and that this needs to be impressed on them. AL asked if there were any plans for a wheelchair event. EB said he was in favour of it, and was making contact with interested groups to see what they want. RD asked about moving the date of the event so as not to clash with a major international race walking event. JC said that we couldn’t move it for individuals.


7.        Hon. Presidents Address.

EB began by saying that a lot of time is being spent on organising championships, that we haven’t created a wider sense that we exist and that we need to do this through web pages, newsletters, etc., if we hope to move on. CS said that we need a sponsor putting in a minimum of E13,000, and links with external bodies under the umbrella of the IAAF. He said that some links with the AAI and ISAA were underway. CW said that we needed more links with the HSAF and CUSAI, and that some of this was underway. The floor was asked that if anyone had the skills, ideas, and contacts to help with doing this, they should contact the executive.


EB mentioned a couple of regrettable incidents at last years T&F that shouldn’t have happened. One individual was disqualified for assaulting an official. He told all that we don’t have the sanctions or formal rules to deal with this. DML said it was right he was disqualified, that he should have been banned from the ground, and that maybe this should be considered in the future. JR said he would like to see a lifetime ban on him from university competition. PC asked what if athletes fought with other athletes. He was told we were dealing with this specific case. NL asked if their had been any contact with the athletes college. EB told him that the reps of the college were told at the time. CS said it was mentioned to the director of sport in the college. EMG said there was a need to differentiate between striking of officials and fellow competitors, and that the IUAA needs to look at a rule for banning athletes who bring alcohol to events. Much general discussion followed about the event. It was agreed that any sanction should include all IUAA events (i.e. dinner, etc). The IUAA is to draw up rules on this matter.


8.       World student games track and field 2001 – review.

TOC said that it had been a great group, that the standards were high, and that the group felt competitive with other countries at the event. AS said that CUSAI were pleased with Patsy, Tim and the event as a whole. JR added that he had heard that TOC and PMG had been great during the event.


9.       World student games cross country 2002

DM has been appointed as coach. Two years ago he was manager as well. DM informed all about the rules of the competition, eligibility, etc. He said he wanted the broadest possible forum for selection, that selection is at the discretion of the coach, and that he would be looking at the AAI championships and British university championships as well as trials for the event. AS asked for clarification if places would be given automatically to athletes in the IUAA championship. In was in CUSAI’s interest he said that the best possible athletes are available to run. There was some discussion on how athletes should be selected, but it was agreed finally that DM would issue selection criteria soon.


10.    Election of officers for 2001-2002

The President, Mr. Eric Brady has completed his two-year term and hence this position was up for election.

EB was nominated by CW and seconded by DM. EB was deemed elected.

Prof. Cyril Smyth remains on as Immediate Past President.


Vice President: The two positions of Vice President are elected annually. The current Vice Presidents, Dr Siobhan O’Keeffe and Dr Stephen Lipson had served two and one year respectively and are hence both eligible for re-election.

Dr Stephen Lipson was nominated by AS and seconded JR.

Mr. Tim O’Connor was nominated by JR and seconded by NL. Both Sl and TOC were deemed elected.


Secretary: Dr Keir McNamara had completed one year as secretary and under the rules of the constitution this position is not up for election until next year.


Treasurer: Mr Noel Pollock was nominated by SL and seconded by TOC.

Mr Noel Pollock was deemed elected.


Competition Secretary: Mr. Ian O’Sullivan had served one year and hence was eligible for re-election.

Mr Ian O’Sullivan was nominated by CS and seconded by TOC.

Mr Ian O’Sullivan was deemed elected.


PRO: The position was vacant.

Mr Joe Rafferty was nominated by TOC and seconded by IOS.

Mr. Rafferty was deemed elected.


Committee Member Positions:

Prof. Cyril White was nominated by SL and seconded by DS.

Prof. Michael Hillery was nominated by CW and seconded by RD.

Dr. Dave Maley was nominated by JR and seconded by EB.

Dr. Siobhán O’Keeffe was nominated by KMN and seconded by DM.



11.    Motions concerning amendments to the rules of Championships

A motion regarding substitution of athletes and entering a list of substitutes proposed by the IUAA Executive was carried unanimously. It reads in the constitution as follows: 7.13 Entries for all championships may be accompanied by a list of Substitute Athletes, who are not assigned to specific events/teams. These substitute athletes must be eligible under Section 7.2 and cannot compete in the championships unless substituted. Substitute Athletes can substitute for athletes already assigned to an event/team, within that championship. Athletes entered as competitors in events may also be used as substitutes for athletes already assigned to an event/team, within that championship.


A motion regarding the formation of a championship committee of the IUAA was proposed by the IUAA Executive and was carried. It reads in the constitution as follows:

7.16 A championship committee shall be appointed by the Executive of the Association to adjudicate on matters arising during a championship.

EB explained that this was to facilitate smooth running of the championships when and if issues arose that required the direction of the IUAA Executive. It was felt that a sub-committee of the IUAA was needed, as many executive members were “tied up” with official duties during a championship, and are not available for meetings to rule on issues until the days competition was over. If the status quo remained and matters arose that required an immediate response, a championship would have to be temporarily halted so that all the IUAA executive members present could meet.


UCD put forward a motion regarding athlete eligibility, asking that the executive be given the powers to consider courses that were not on the CAO/UCAS handbook, and that athletes completing courses that were deemed equivalent to those in the handbooks be allowed compete. DB asked if it was the objective of the IUAA that only athletes in full time courses are eligible for their championships. EB told him that next year as the constitution is open to amendments we would be looking thoroughly at the area of athlete eligibility. JM said that the IUAA were not telling the colleges the criteria they would operate under when making these decisions. EB told her that among other criteria courses would be assessed based on whether it was an award from the NUI, the courses status within the institution, the number of contact hours, its equivalence with other similar CAO courses, and the amount of academic course content. JM asked about what would happen if there were no academics on the IUAA suitably qualified to make these decisions in future years. She was told that would have to be dealt with when the time arose. CR asked why a course would not be on the CAO to which she was told by CS that a college may not chose to put it through that system. TOC added that only full time students pay capitation fees from which affiliations are paid. The motion was voted on. 16 voted in favour, 7 rejected and 3 abstained. The motion was deemed passed.


12.    Championship dates 2001/2002

The following championship dates were set.

Maynooth road relays – Saturday 17th November 2001,

Indoor championships – Nenagh, Friday/Saturday 7th/8th December 2001

Cross Country – no date was set (they were subsequently held on 8th March 2002 in UU)

Track & Field and Multi events – CIT, Friday/Saturday 19th/20th April 2002.


13.    A.O.B.

JR asked why Robert Daly had been allowed score in the 400m at the track and field when he was entered as a guest in the championships. EB said this had been a mistake, that he should have been entered as a scoring athlete, and after much discussion by the IUAA executive, his entry status was amended. A heated discussion ensued which was impossible to transcribe such was the ferocity and numerous the views and responses. It ended with EB stating that if it comes to light a mistake has been made, it onerous on the IUAA to fix it, and on the basis of the information available at the time, it was decided by the IUAA to change the status of that athletes entry.

It was brought to the attention of those assembled that Sligo IT had applied to affiliate to the IUAA. No one had any issue with their joining and they were admitted in an unanimous decision.

                UCG asked if visiting student could compete, to which they were told they could.

SL asked if everyone had received their passwords from the online entry system.


EB thanked all for attending. The meeting ended at 5:30pm