Irish Universities Athletics Association

"Cross Country Championships"

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q  Are athletes who weren't entered by the closing date allowed to run?
    A  No. Make sure to enter any athletes who you think may compete, either on the team or as a substitute athlete (see below).

  • Q  Can you explain the rules on substituting athletes on the day?
    A  Very simply, any athlete who has been entered prior to the closing date as one of the 5 male and 5 female substitute athletes, can be substituted for any other athlete who was entered on the team prior to the closing date. These athletes can be substituted on the day prior to close of check-in. Athletes entered as substitutes cannot complete as scoring athletes unless they are substituted for another athlete as described previously.

  • Q  How many athletes are required to make a scoring team?
    A  4 women for the women's competition and 6 men for the men's competition. To be eligible for the overall competition you need a full scoring male and female team.

  • Q  We haven't got enough athletes to make a scoring team. Can our athleres still run?
    A  Yes, they obviously can't win the team competition but they can win individual medals.

  • Q  How many teams can I enter?
    A  You can enter one male and one female team. Teams can have up to 14 women and 16 men.

  • Q  Should I bring my spikes?
    A  Yes, but the length of spike required will depend on the coures.

  • Q  How long is the course?
    A  The course is approximately 5km for women and between 8-10km for men.

  • Q  Is there electronic timing?
    A  This depends on the host, hand timing is usually accurate for cross country races but hosts usually like to have electronic timing.

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