Irish Universities Athletics Association

"Track & Field Championships"

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q  Are athletes who weren't entered by the closing date allowed to run?
    A  No. Make sure to enter any athletes who you think may compete in events where you have no athletes entered or as substitute athletes (see below).

  • Q  Can you explain the rules on substituting athletes on the day?
    A  Very simply, any athlete who has been entered prior to the closing date can be substituted for any other athlete who was entered prior to the closing date. For example an athlete entered in the 1500m can be substituted by an athlete entered in the 800m. Additionally there is space to enter up to 12 additional women and 12 additional men as substitute athletes prior to the closing date. These athletes can be substituted on the day for athletes who were assigned to events prior to the closing date. Athletes entered as substitutes cannot complete unless they are substituted for another athlete as described previously. It should be pointed out that you cannot substitute an athlete into an event in which you don't have an athlete entered. Additionally if you only have one athlete entered in an event you cannot substitute a second athlete into that event. It should also be pointed out that a substitution cannot be made if it results in more that two undergrauates/postgraduates or more than two 'one year down' athlete being entered in that event.

  • Q  Is it possible to check an athlete in after the close of check-in?
    A  No. Administrative work has to be done and the addition of another athlete means this work has to be redone, resulting in the delayed starting of races.

  • Q  Do I have to check-in for every round of an event?
    A  You must check-in for the first round of an event, for straight finals and for field events. You don't need to check-in for subsequent rounds of an event.

  • Q  Can the same person compete in more than one event?
    A  Yes.

  • Q  Is there electronic timing?
    A  Yes, but only to 100th of a second.

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